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Creating some "Wow"

We use curiosity and creativity to empower and unstuck Mindful Business Owner and Project Holders.
We helping them recover an helicopter view of their intiative and making or helping them find pragmatic and nevertheless funky solutions to make their business thrive and be sustainable / regenerative (for themselves and for the world).

We aslo organise XXIst century soft-skills trainings (creative problem solving, curiosity and deep listening, systemic thinking, energy management, name it, we design the solution)

The sentence we hear the most during our sessions and workshops are "I had never seen my project like this!" ie. with that much potential. Or " Oh! in fact, ...problems are fun!?"

Our Expertise is in blending and hybridation
We are not great fans - at all - of silos and boxes.
We believe the future lies in mixing and blending. And we are dearly interested in the "Ressources" box of your business model. There is more in it for your business that you've ever been told.
Our solutions oriented mindset also love problems, and insatisfactions.
Because under each problems there is a lot of potentials.
(Don't spread this too much but when asked for the shortest version of this presentation, we say that we basically "turn shit into gold!")


What else?

We might make you walk mindfully, draw an image, ask you unexpected but profound questions. But we're not coaches.
We navigate in a mix of educator, trainers and mentors.
We also are a bit artists, antropologue, philosopher, explorers of the human, minds and behaviors and with and entrepreneurial mindset.

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