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Belgian Council Network

The following intentions are present within Council. They allow a group to reach a deeper level in their way of listening to each other:

  • Speak from the heart (in what is present, authentic and serves transparency)
  • Listen from the heart (Paying attention to the other, less to our self)
  • Be spontaneous (Not to plan, store information or be with agenda)
  • Be lean and to the point (Speak the essence)
  • Speak out, what serves you, the circle and the higher good
  • Confidentiality: what has been said in the circle stays in the circle

The practice of Council in form and intention is simple. Participants sit together in a circle and use a talking piece which gives clarity as to who is talking and to those whom are listening, for the circle seeks to have a single voice and many ears at any one time.

There are a tremendous variety of Council forms, which each can support a situation in a group or with individuals - from a controversial point of dispute, to a lifting of group wisdom. Council facilitators are trained to suggest and apply the form the circle best needs.

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