’The quality of sign language interpreters – the deaf user’s perspective’

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The quality of sign language interpreters – the deaf user’s perspective

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The quality of sign language interpreters is frequently subject of debate. What makes a good sign language interpreter, and on what grounds does a deaf person select a sign language interpreter? To answers these questions and more, Maya de Wit and Irma Sluis conducted a study in 2013, commissioned by the Dutch Association of Sign Language Interpreters (NBTG), exploring the quality of sign language interpreters in the Netherlands from a deaf user perspective.The presentation will provide an overview of the research findings, such as the selection criteria of the deaf sign language user for an interpreter, their preferences related to specific settings and theirquality demands for current and to be trained interpreters. Based on the findings, recommendations are proposed for improving the quality of the current sign language interpreters, educating studentinterpreters, ensuring further involvement of sign language users in quality assurance and suggestions for future research.

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