SmartX webinar : Printed electronics for Smart textiles

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SmartX webinar : Printed electronics for Smart textiles

This 4th SmartX webinar will focus on "Printed Electronics for Smart Textiles"

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Edit : The link to access the webinar will be sent by email, provided you are part of the SmartX Community. If not, this is not too late.

Agenda :

18h00-18h05: Webinar introduction

18h05-18h25 : The "Centre du Papier" will present printing technologies initially developped for the paper industry and transferable to textile substrates using conductive inks. They will also introduce a new pick-and-place device for electronics.

18h25- 18h45 : Conductive Transfers, a UK-based company will introduce their conductive transfer technology. Conductive tracks and sensors are printing and easily transfered on a rough or elastic fabric.

18h45-19h05 : DITF, a German textile research institute, will focus on the specificity of textile as printing substrate. They will also present some projets making use conductive printing on textile