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#RebootingWebOfTrust Design Workshop - Paris 2017


Mercredi 19 avril 2017 à 10:00 - Vendredi 21 avril 2017 à 17:00 (heure : France)

#RebootingWebOfTrust Design Workshop - Paris 2017

Informations sur les billets

Type de billet Fin des ventes Prix Frais TVA Quantité
Individual - with Topic Submission 19 avr. 2017 100,00 € 3,49 € 20,70 €
Individual - Participation without Topic Submission 19 avr. 2017 750,00 € 9,95 € 151,99 €
Individual - Alumni (requires Topic Submission)
RESERVED to Non-EU participants who attended previous RWoT workshops (Subject to Event Administrators validation)
19 avr. 2017 25,00 € 1,62 € 5,32 €
Donate to Support Diversity Expense Scholarships 19 avr. 2017 Saisir le montant de votre don (€)

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Description de l'événement

Our fourth #RebootingWebOfTrust Design Workshop, on self-sovereign decentralized identity technologies, will be held in Paris from the 19th to the 21st of April, 2017, at Microsoft's offices beside the River Seine.

This English-language, three-day facilitated event will use the same format as the previous San Francisco & New York #RebootingWebOfTrust design workshops: we will work together to produce white papers and specifications intended to influence the future of decentralized trust and self-sovereign identity through the establishment and promotion of new identity technologies. Full documentation of the prior events is available in the Web-of-Trust Info GitHub repository  — including photos, drafts, graphic output, and previous White Papers.

The design workshop is intended for developers, cryptographers, researchers, user-experience designers, and policy experts who are actively involved in building a next-generation web of trust. However we are also seeking the participation of those who have a need for decentralized technologies, to ensure the diversity of the event.

Advanced Readings

All participants will be asked to write one-or-two-page advanced reading to share with other participants that includes:

  • A specific problem related to identity or trust.
  • A discussion of why current solutions such as PGP or CA-based PKI can not address the problem.
  • A specific solution using decentralized identity or a web of trust.
  • Specific questions not addressed by current solutions.

Example of advanced readings from our third Rebooting the Web of Trust are available in our Github repoIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Anticipated Workshop Outcomes

The goal of the Paris Rebooting the Web of Trust event is to:

  • Collaboratively create the least five technical papers or specifications on topics that will have the greatest impact on the future.
  • Showcase the scope of use cases and requirements for decentralized identity and trust.
  • Explore tools that could be useful to developers, researchers, and funders.
  • Discuss and suggest approaches to the adoption of these technologies.

Web-of-Trust: the Origins

The term "Web of Trust" dates back twenty-five years to PGP, where the "Web" referred to a distributed network of systems and the "Trust" was limited to the validation of keys. It revealed the need for decentralization and recognition on the internet.

Today, those needs remain, but the Web of Trust has grown larger, encompassing the creation, authentication, and verification of self-sovereign identities as well as privacy protection, reputation assessment, smart contracting, and more. The blockchain has come to be one of the most interesting and new tools for these tasks.

#RebootingWebOfTrust is a global movement that will influence the future of these technologies.

Countdown to GDPR

In Europe, Rebooting the Web of Trust is particularly important because of the impending 2018 enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). An open standardization initiative, inspired by Rebooting the Web of Trust and ID2020, has already been launched, to provide guidelines and standards for implementing this new regulation.

The European chapter of Rebooting the Web of Trust supports the development and adoption of self-sovereign identities as a way to comply with the GPDR and other standards, to improve the economic performance of online business activities, and to protect the individual as both a citizen and a consumer.

VIDEO: Forging Self-Sovereign Identities in the Age of the Blockchain

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Où et quand

Microsoft France
39 Quai du Président Roosevelt
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

Mercredi 19 avril 2017 à 10:00 - Vendredi 21 avril 2017 à 17:00 (heure : France)

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The term "Web of Trust" originated with PGP, but today we're rebooting it to encompass a whole new generation of decentralized problems and solutions. Self-sovereign identities, smart contracts, reputation systems, and user privacy are all part of the new, 21st century Web of Trust.


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