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International restructuring symposium

Institut Droit et Croissance

Vendredi 19 janvier 2018 de 09:00 à 18:00 (heure : France)

International restructuring symposium

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Full Price 14 janv. 2018 550,00 € 37,49 €
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14 janv. 2018 385,00 € 26,60 €

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Description de l'événement



1. Promote European integration, in particular the capital market and banking unions, while supporting the role of the Paris financial centre as a global leader;

2. Restore confidence of international investors;

3. Promote research to improve the quality of law and regulation. 


Keynote speakers

  • Mr Lionel Corre, French Economy Ministry
  • Ms Mihaela Carpus Carcea, European Commission, DG Justice (TBC)


Master of ceremony

Mrs Sophie Vermeille, President of Droit & Croissance / Rules for Growth


3 panel discussions

First panel discussion

For an efficient bankruptcy law in the context of the Banking Union and the Capital Markets Union - discussions following the draft directive of the EU Commission.


  • Mr Donald Bernstein, Partner at Davis Polk Wardell
  • Mr Stephan Madaus, Law professor, Martin-Luthier Unversity Halle-Wittenberg
  • Mr Nicolaes Tollenaar, Partner, RESOR N.V.
  • Mrs Sophie Vermeille, President of Droit & Croissance / Rules for Growth


Second panel discussion

New challenges: valuations, priority rules and class distributions – are parties and Courts ready? An analysis in light of recent high profile cases.


  • Mr Georges Richelme, President of the Commercial courts of France
  • Mr Luciano Panzani, President, Court of Appeal of Rome
  • Mr Mikael Ouaniche, Financial expert at the Paris Court of Appeal, President of OCA


Third panel discussion

New challenges for bond workouts and loan to own strategies - how far are those still possible? An analysis in the light of recent high profile cases.


  • Mr Stephen Portsmouth, Managing director, Société générale
  • Mrs Sarah Patterson, Law professor, London School of Economics
  • Mr Pierre Bour, Partner, Attestor Capital LP
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Où et quand

French Economy Ministry
Centre de conférences Pierre Mendès France
139 Rue de Bercy
75012 Paris

Vendredi 19 janvier 2018 de 09:00 à 18:00 (heure : France)

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Institut Droit et Croissance

The Institute Rules for Growth / Droit & Croissance "D&C" (www.droitetcroissance.fr) is a non-partisan think tank with an ambitious project: to transform our legal environement into a real engine for growth.

Rules for Growth aims at 1°) enabling businesses to more easily adapt to the brutal cycles of growth and recession and 2°) promoting corporate finance thanks to new financing methods, which run in parallel to traditional bank loans or public funds.

Building on a strong foundation in economic theory and law to carry out a cost/benefit analysis of our legal system, the innovative aspect of Rules for Growth lies in establishing a valuable link between researchers in law and economics, market players in law and finance, as well as legislators, regulators and judges.

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