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Innovation & Transformation: how to design your priority projects for the coming season

Maike Strudthoff

Mardi 2 octobre 2018 de 09:00 à 17:30 (heure : France)

Innovation & Transformation: how to design your...

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Billet standard 8 Billets Terminé 960,00 € 34,09 € 198,82 €

Description de l'événement

  • Do you want to give yourself the tools for transformation in order to innovate faster?
  • Do you want to make your work more human-centric?
  • Do you want to get your team going?
  • Do you want to boost your creative skills?
  • Do you want to tell a convincing story to inspire others to follow your ideas?


If you can answer yes to any of these questions, read on!

  • Kick off your 2018-2019 year with exploration, discovery, and doing based on design thinking methodology - as opposed to pure theory and passive learning!
  • Learn new methods and tools to design and prioritize your upcoming projects. Learn how to motivate your team members to collaborate with an approach used by digital leaders.
  • Get lean and agile: digital innovators and groundbreakers are doing it. You can, too!
  • Stretch your comfort zone in a secure environment. Try a learning-by-doing experience using design thinking methodology in a diverse group. And work in English. Open your mindset!



Intros & Revving up: 3 short stories on innovation

  • “It’s not about solutions, it’s about problems”
  • "The importance of going beyond your first idea(s)"
  • "Pitching your ideas succinctly"

Learning-by-doing: 3 work sessions - testing new methods and tools with a hands-on digital project

  • How to create empathy => gain experience in user/customer/employee immersion
  • How to find crazy ideas and turn them back into a realistic solution => practice creativity
  • How to pitch your idea => communicate with impact to your target group

Wrapping up: ideas for further learning, feedback.



  • Methods and tools you can apply immediately in your environment
  • New focus and perspective for this year’s coming projects
  • A learning-by-doing experience instead of just listening

What participants have said about previous sessions:

“Thanks again for the great session yesterday. I enthusiastically told my colleagues about it, I will repeat it in our company”.

“Thanks for the interesting and likeable session. To be redone.”

“Merci beaucoup pour cette soirée “test & learn” avec vous. C’était super, merci pour cet accueil.”


Next session:

Date: Tuesday, 2 October 2018
Time: 9 a.m to 5.30 p.m.
Cost: 960€ + fee + VAT per person*; five inscriptions minimum, max. 10 inscriptions
*Datadock referenced. May be reimbursed with company approval.
Location: Co-Working in Central Paris
Lunch and light refreshments included.




Elie Liberman

  • Founder, Marketing Coach
  • Adjunct Professor in B2B Marketing, Cnam


Maike Strudthoff

  • Founding Partner, JumpNext
  • Author and Speaker at inno-insight.net

Elisaveta Wrangell

  • Founding Partner, EPS / Paris - Los Angeles, International Corporate Training


Graphic facilitation provided by Philippe Chartier from Philgood.


Any more questions? Please contact us on info@jump-next.com

You may also ask for an inhouse version of this seminar. 

Des questions sur l'événement Innovation & Transformation: how to design your priority projects for the coming season ? Contactez Maike Strudthoff

Où et quand


75003 Paris

Mardi 2 octobre 2018 de 09:00 à 17:30 (heure : France)

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Maike Strudthoff

Cet atelier est organisé par Maike Strudthoff, fondatrice de l’agence en innovation digitale JumpNext, futuriste, speaker et auteur.

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