How can we build a better world together ?

How can we build a better world together ?


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What if a happier world was only about kindness and unity?

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We are dozens of humanitarians, teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors, activists, diplomats, workers, creatives (…) and are all invested in social and solidarity causes around the world and most of us directly on the ground. The reality that we observed on the ground? In resume, humanitarian aid is often to the detriment of populations for quite a number of reasons.

This event is a discussion between anyone who wish to bring its experience, ideas, suggestions in term of social actions and development.

Our goal is to build collaborative solutions for those who want to help, those who help and those who lead, to make a difference for those who need it the most and give them a voice.

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The Institute for Collective Intelligence & Humanitarian Diplomacy Progress (ICIHDP)

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