Guide yourself & your organization into the future
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Guide yourself & your organization into the future

Guide yourself & your organization into the future

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Agriturismo Case Perrotta

SP 54

95010 Sant'Alfio


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Guide yourself and your organization into the future.

Pause, reflect and rethink.

Today, many people sense that the way they run their organization is stretched to its limits. What is emerging in this changing world and how does it affect you and your organization?

This is the time to pause, reflect and rethink: where do you want to take your organization in the years to come and how does it fit into your personal goal.

By working with a small group of international participants (8-12 people) you'll discover where your organization stands and if its still aligned with its purpose. You'll experiment with new ways of using working tools, and then share your experiences within your organization. You will get a taste of the full potential of your body and mind, and reflect on how to integrate this into your daily life.

Take time to get inspired, learn from others and enjoy the magic of Sicily.

Discover the goal that you and your organization are working towards. Learn more about Teal organizations. Experiment with new ways of working and discover practical tools. Access the resources of your body, mind and intuition through mindfulness and yoga. Share your experiences and learn from your group. Get inspired by everyday classes and outdoor sessions. Enjoy the beautiful, magical nature and culture of Sicily.

Press that pause button and learn and experience, how to guide yourself and your organization into a meaningful future.


The four 'layers' of this experience


Day 1

(Official programme starts at 16h until 22h)

Arrival and Check-In

Getting to know each other.

'Levels of Listening' (Theory-U)

Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

(day and evening programme)

Mixture of information sharing about interesting new leadership and organization developments; Learning to work with your personal 'counselors': Your Body, Mind, Spirit and Intuition; Practicing, using tools from Theory-U and Collective Intelligence and being inspired (inspiring visits and movie).

In the course of these five days you will work on your personal deeper purpose and that of your organization. You will develop a road map containing the first steps towards the new direction.

What do you wish for your organization and life?

What could work in your organization / for you?

What are the benefits and challenges and what do the first steps you need to take look like?

We will work as a group and in teams.

Day 5

(programme ends at noon)

Develop first steps, Do More - Do Less

Wrap up and good-bye


Entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, starters, business consultants and everyone who is involved or interested in a personal and organizational culture change.


FROM February 15th‘till 18th 2017.


SICILY, Sant’Alfio at the foot of Mount Etna (550m height).

Old farm building

Authentic Sicilian food.


€2.100,- not including VAT. This price includes: accommodation, meals, drinks (fair use ) Logistics (on Sicily).

Price: excluding your flight to Sicily and personal insurance.

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Agriturismo Case Perrotta

SP 54

95010 Sant'Alfio


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