GRADE2XL Webinar : Advanced Manufacturing with WAAM technique

GRADE2XL Webinar : Advanced Manufacturing with WAAM technique

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Advanced Manufacturing with WAAM technique : where do I start?

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This 1st Grade2XL webinar will provide you an insight into smart manufacturing developments & industrial adoption of the technology. In addition, companies interested to start 3D printing large metal parts will get the chance to see how to get “from zero to XL” using WAAM.

• Speaker N°1: C. GOULAS – Ass. Prof. UTwente & Scientific Advisor RAMLAB BV

• Speaker N°2 : Prof.dr. I.Gibson, confirmed – Prof. UTwente and Scientific Director Fraunhofer Project Centre

> This webinar is a 100% online and free event.

> It will be hold through the Webex platform.

> Your registration through this page is mandatory to get the connection details.

Grade2XL project :

Grade2XL is a joint development program aligning partners along the value chain to foster the rapid development of WAAM materials and process. Grade2XL will deliver multi-material products of superior quality and performance. The high printing rate of WAAM, combined with the ability to control material properties down to the nanoscale, will allow to build strong and durable engineering structures.

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