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Meet us during our first open day online !

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The Centre is committed to update, expand and improve the auditors’ knowledge in diplomacy, international relations and strategy.

The Centre for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (C.E.D.S.) invites you to meet his team. Go online to meet us !

Thursday, 28th May at 6:00 PM

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Conference : the school and the programmes

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The event will take place on SKYPE with a conference. You will receive by email the link to join the conference two days before the event. You could ask your question, the CEDS team will answer it orally or on the chat.

________________________To best prepare for this conference (and if you have never attended a Skype meeting), you will need to use the Skype Meeting Application. It's very simple, here's how to use it: click here and watch the video from 1 :59

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