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4 Rue Alphonse Weicker

2721 Luxembourg


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Access to Justice and Restrictive Measures in the Context of the Common Foreign and Security Policy – The Rosneft Case

Presentations by

Prof Francette Fines (University of La Rochelle)

La crise ukrainienne vue de Luxembourg : droits fondamentaux des Etats versus droits fondamentaux des personnes.

Prof Sara Poli (University of Pisa)

The Turning of Non-State Entities from Objects to Subjects of EU Restrictive Measures after Rosneft.

Prof Graham Butler (Aarhus University)

Common Foreign and Security Policy through a Preliminary Reference: A Jurisdictional Dilemma.

Dr Elise Daniel (PhD, University Paris 1)

Objectifs et compétences de l’Union européenne : Les audaces des Avocats Généraux dans le contexte des mesures restrictives.

Discussion with

Prof Allan Rosas (Judge, Court of Justice of the European Union)

Prof Isabelle Bosse-Platière (University of Rennes)

Prof Federico Casolari (University of Bologna)

Prof Peter Van Elsuwege (Ghent University)

Dr Stanislas Adam (Legal Secretary, Court of Justice of the European Union)

Dr Mauro Gatti (University of Luxembourg)


Prof Eleftheria Neframi (University of Luxembourg)


Judicial protection is a core EU value, but in the field of Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice is limited. In the Rosneft case, the Court interpreted extensively the scope of its jurisdiction with regard to restrictive measures in response to actions of Russia to destabilise the situation in Ukraine, holding that it can give preliminary rulings on the validity of a CSFP act providing for sanctions against individuals and entities or impacting on other EU policies. The round table will address the important legal issues raised in the context of EU restrictive measures, such as judicial review of CFSP acts, EU security objectives, Member States’ enforcement powers, discussing the impact of the Rosneft judgment.

The EUGIA Project

The workshop is organised in the framework of the project The European Union as Global International Actor and the Question of Competence coordinated by Prof. Eleftheria Neframi, with the participation of Dr. Mauro Gatti.

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4 Rue Alphonse Weicker

2721 Luxembourg


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