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rose collaborative agency

We assist and accompany organizations in transition to recreate / adapt their working environment to a world in change. Together we help to facilitate new attitudes which will enable everyone to develop their potential and contribute to the mission of the enterprise.


Our events are addressed to all those who wish to develop a dynamic of participation within their structure, leading to a more active contribution and a greater feeling of responsibility among their managers and colleagues. You may be a manager, project head or in charge of HR, Facility manager, brand & community manager…Thanks to a participative method explained by high quality professionals and trainers, you will have the opportunity to experience for yourself the latest tools at the service of well-being and of the efficiency of the teams and the enterprise itself, in situations of change.


Founded in 2010, we are today the only company in Brussels supporting organizations in transition through a collaborative and global approach including management, design & communication.

Through the years, we have experimented with several ways of working, trying to improve our happiness at work. The purpose was to create a working environment where we could be ourselves, all together. A place where we could work as a team without fears or egos. A place where we could all have the opportunity to develop our potential. Sometimes it was hard and even discouraging. Because to change means trusting right now, before you know exactly what is coming. It was not easy, but we have always loved to experiment with a changing situation together – re-inventing ourselves all together as a team.

Today, we are an open circle of different skills sharing the same values: kindness, respect and trust. Having a clear vision of ours roles and accountabilities makes us powerful and flexibly organized. We all give our best skills and all of our potential to contribute to our common purpose: improving pleasure and happiness at work through human interest.


Our agency is an atypical and inspiring workspace where we meet, learn and share experiences to create the tools and resources that will serve the organization’s purpose and the people’s needs for a meaningful working environment.

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