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PALO IT is an innovative software development company and a really great place to work at. Created in 2009, PALO IT is an experience design & agile consultancy and a software development company.
Located in France, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico, we stand proud of strong project delivery culture and our awesome team of 300+ people coming from 20+ countries.
PALO IT helps market leaders, startups and investment funds to digitize their business. Our approach is to:
# Ignite a startup mindset to transform ideas into revenue
# Transfer our know-how to deliver high value-added software fast
# Reduce time to market with an Agile development approach.
At PALO IT, we are driven by a vision and strong core values.We have the audacity to dream big, the willingness to share with others and the enthusiasm and commitment to build digital technology that creates a better world. Stay tuned!
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