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Lecker Lise

I'm a French Pastry Chef that decided to share her passion by teaching other people how to bake. While pastries are the closest things to heaven on earth, baking is a fantastic experience that allows you to create and bring joy to people.

The baking classes I offer are more than courses. They are true baking experiences with fun, passion, good products and a little bit of French attitude - but just a hint ;) Most of my baking classes are suitable for vegans.

Some kids dream of being astronauts or singers. I wanted to be a Pastry Chef. That dream was sidelined while growing up. But after nearly a decade in the Marketing sphere, I decided that it was time to take baking more seriously and became a certified Pastry Chef in Paris - where I go regularly to train in pastry schools, such as Cordon Bleu and Ecole Alain Ducasse.

I offer private baking classes around Berlin via my website Lecker Lise, as well as workshops at Daheim Manufaktur.

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