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Our team greatly increases the effectiveness of ANTITRUST compliance programs by mainly acting at two key stages which are the TRAINING of field teams and the knowledge UPDATE.

- The TRAINING, thanks to an exclusive method, absolutely new in France, fully tailored and pragmatic.

- The UPDATE, thanks to the synergy and the complete control of all the new means of communication that our customers (legal departments, field teams directly or law firms) are free to choose according to their habits and needs.

We also create Antitrust E-LEARNINGS & Antitrust Serious games for our clients as a very part of the two processes described hereabove.

Two main goals :

1) Obtain a real sustainable commitment by field teams ; because without any prior real commitment there is no really action in favor of antitrust compliance.

2) Use of our specific tools to create and strengthen dialogue between counsels members of the Legal department and managers and field teams of the firms.

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