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Being the Blessing Foundation

The International Federation of Catholic Universities together with the Pontificia Università Gregoriana, the Center for Interreligious Understanding and Being the Blessing Foundation has been working on "Migrants and Refugees" issues. This project, by bringing support to migrants and refugees, reflects the social responsibility of the universities through their ethical, relational and social dimensions. The idea is to consider the role and respobilities of universities to take action to reach migrants and refugees where they are, in order:

  • To foster their education,
  • To promote knowledge and know-how as vectors for development,
  • To improve the lives of young people who are living in a difficult life circumstances, and
  • To allow, if possible, the return to their country and its reconstruction.

To address this issue, Institutions of Education have an important role to play through the missions of teaching, research and services.

The International Conference on the "Responsibility and Responsibilities of Universities to Migration Issues" (November 2017) is the starting point of the.

The idea is that institutions are willing to share experiences and collaborate on joint projects.

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