Let's Connect In Real Life!

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Let's Connect In Real Life!

Multicultural Social Events. Socialize. Have fun. Meet new friends.

By Chatty Elephants Facebook Group

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June 7, 2022 · 6:30pm - June 6 · 10pm EEST


Karta 22 Bulevardul Unirii 030167 București Romania

About this event

Hello! 🌞 An awesome multinational event is coming soon 🙈 Let's socialize and have fun 🎆 Every Tuesday !

A new community arises in Bucharest and we invite you to our free events " Let's Connect in Real Life" 🤗

This vibrant city is becoming increasingly multicultural and the diversity has to be celebrated.

As we were all missing socializing in real life, events will happen so we can eventually reconnect with other people and make new friends.

Whether you're looking for learning a new language, making new friends, or discovering more about different countries and cultures that make them unique and beautiful…

You, Chatty Elephants, will be in the right place!

See the description of the event!🥳Let's connect in real life‼️

🎉 We invite you to create a nice multicultural community, is a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons and to make new friends.🌎

What will make this event special ? 😁

💥The event is completely free

💥You will be provided with a warm and positive welcome.

💥At the entrance you will receive stickers, containing the 🏁 of your country of origin, languages you 🗣 and those you want to practice and improve 🤗

💥Even if you're an introvert or if you come 🚶‍♂️, there you will find nice people with whom you can make lifelong 👯‍♂️ Every person who has put on the 🐘 sticker is a participant, and it will be an 🧊breaker; just say "Hi".🤚

💥Introduce yourself, don’t be shy we’ll all be there with the same purpose.😇

💥 Boost Your Confidence. Encourage each other.🙌

💥This enables cultural exchange, facilitates mutual understanding between us and builds tolerance ( we won’t judge anybody, there will be tolerance in terms of religion, nationality, sexual orientation, beliefs, hobbies, etc.)👌

💥 Enjoy your visit and have fun!🎉

Bucharest has a multinational cultural heritage and it leads to a more peaceful society.

Now that pandemic is gone, we badly need to recreate the genuinely human interaction of feeling, hearing and person to person communication!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

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