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"You pitch, you win" : Pitch Parties! (in English)


Lundi 25 juin 2018 de 18:00 à 22:00 (heure : France)

"You pitch, you win" : Pitch Parties! (in English)

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La Pitch Party 19h23h incluant le montage de la vidéo de mon pitch   plus d'infos 25 juin 2018 200,00 € 0,00 € 40,00 €

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Description de l'événement

Life's a pitch, isn't it?

Pitch mastery workshop with @fredbascunana, neuroscience expert.

Want to pitch like a pro? - Follow the « maieutics » method issued by the international dealmaker who has trained the most prestigious companies in Europe and in the US.

While having fun, you will also learn how to feel "natural" and impactful when you speak in public and face several cameras pointed at you. 

Learn how to deploy a pitching strategy:

  • Coaching through filmed sessions
  • Exploring a semantic field adapted to your value proposition

Including: declinations / publications of contents - videos for your website.

We provide cinema quality equipment for shooting + editing + web-publishing

Des questions sur l'événement "You pitch, you win" : Pitch Parties! (in English) ? Contactez @fredbascunana

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Où et quand

Pitch Parties
38 Rue de Ponthieu
(second floor)
75008 Paris

Lundi 25 juin 2018 de 18:00 à 22:00 (heure : France)

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« Creative technologist », Internet entrepreneur and influential blogger since the early stages.

Digital Entrepreneur - Keynote Speaker - DealMaker & PitchMaster - Chairman @ Carthage Investments - SmartNomad founder

Recognised as an international deal maker, he has raised and secured 800 millions EUROS for a smartcity project in 2017 (January to April) + 32 millions of deal making on the same year 2017. He is now the chairman of Carthage Investments, currently launching major building programs in Tunisia, Poland and Mexico, based on the use of innovative ecological technologies. 

Putting into action his cognitive pitching theories, he convinced 35+ major investors to commit into these projects.

Gratuated: HEC + FEMIS + Actors Studio.

He is currently launching the Pitching.Academy initiative, in order to explore and develop selling practices based on neuroscience.

He spent 10 years in the US after selling his first startup to Monster WorldWide. 

Passionate about the human factor involved in selling processes, he founded EFFORST : European Foundation FOR Sales Transformation.

(And by the way : he is the biggest fan of Jerry Seinfeld, the best pitch master ever - as pitching is to him, like running a show)

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