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Join us as #MeetYourLanguagePartner Community Ambassador

Lead a real community in life and at work within your work/life style

The goal of our #MeetYourLanguagePartner community:

- Organize cross cultural mini-events within our work/life style.

- Help participants to meet native speakers in life, afterwork, on travel.

- Help participants to improve efficiently language and cultural competences for better chance in life and at work.

Your task:

- As Community Ambassador, create and manage at least 1 mini-event per week, supported by our tech tools and by our team.

- Recruit participants of your events.

- You can do this as a hobby activity besides your work or study.

- You can do this within your work/life style.

Your rewards:

- Quickly expand your professional and social connections in life and at work

- Exchange your expertise with motivated professionals and internationals

- Add 100 internationals and professionals into your friend list in the next 6 months

- Improve your foreign language skills

- Learn international cultures

- Be part of our growing Ambassador community.

- Earn entrance fees for all events for which you participate as Community Ambassador.

Your profile:

- Love different cultures, including international and regional cultures

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