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The Kokùtana is a great online event gathering the 54 African countries together to discuss the on-going digital transformation in Africa

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Do you want to learn about African news from those who live it?

Do you want to exchange, discuss and conclude on-going or new projects? Whether they are professional, personal, or even seem utopian, come and discuss them ✨

That is the Kokùtana ! 🔥

An event where students, opportunity seekers, startups, project holders and people interested in doing business in Africa will meet around the digital transformation in Africa ! ⚡🤝

For this 2022 edition, we intend to mobilize the 54 African countries to create connections, to discover talents, to establish partnerships, to develop new innovative ideas, but above all, to reveal and share the African genius so that Africa can fully play its role in the digital revolution that is underway ! 💯

Over 3 days, online and in person, come and enrich each other with a new African perspective 💫

Share the information around you and above all, note the dates : 10, 11 and 12 February 2022 at Kokùtana! 💥

Join us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn !

#Kokùtana2022 I will be there, and you?


Day 1 : Digital in new areas: Discover how these sectors have had to adapt to make their business more efficient

With 2 conferences, 4 success stories, a forum to discuss with other participants and plenty stands to visit !

Day 2: The evolution of African digital: Discover the new African digital trends

With 2 conferences, 4 success stories, 7 discussions with professionals and participants to share your point of view, a forum to discuss with other participants and plenty stands to visit !

Day 3: What path for tomorrow's digital Africa: Discover these geniuses who are shaking up the system!

With 25 projects, entrepreneurs’ presentations and a big conference !

The stands will obviously stay open !

Several topics will be discussed in #French and in #English : #agriculture, #IT, #finance, #social, #fashion and #beauty, and many more …


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Organisateur Volkeno

Organisateur de Kokùtana 2022

Volkeno is a Senegalese digital company supporting startups and companies designed and created by Africans. It acts by contributing to the reduction of unemployment among young people by training them to the digital world

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