G.E.N.E. Mentors Workshop: Should I do a PhD?

G.E.N.E. Mentors Workshop: Should I do a PhD?

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The current G.E.N.E. Mentors will share their take on doing a PhD

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The G.E.N.E. Mentors present this online workshop (Zoom) in English.

In a round table format, they will first briefly present their own path to the PhD and what they retrospectively get out from the experience now. They will then answer the participants' questions.

On the day of the event, you will receive login information for the workshop.

More information on the event webpage: https://eur-gene.u-paris.fr/agenda/should-i-do-phd

G.E.N.E. Mentors are doctoral or postdoctoral researchers funded by EUR G.E.N.E.

More information about this program: https://eur-gene.u-paris.fr/4e-annee-de-these-ou-post-docs-de-transition

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