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Take a head-start and learn how to master biodiversity footprint assessments with the GBS. Welcome on board !

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Pre-registration closes on April, 15th. After this date, regular registrations will begin. Individuals who have pre-registered will be proposed a seat at the first training session in priority (currently planned in early July or Autumn, possibility to express your preferences at the end of the registration).

The corporate biodiversity footprint tool Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) will be launched in May. Training sessions dedicated to the mastering of the tool and its use within corporate biodiversity footprint assessments will be held by CDC Biodiversité to support entities willing to engage into the assessment of their impact and to accompany actors interested into adding biodiversity footprint assessment to their commercial activities.

Get your training pre-inscription ticket to manifest your interest and help us best organize the first GBS training sessions.

Main informations regarding the GBS trainings are gathered below

GBS training level 1

  • Objective: understand corporate biodiversity footprint assessments with the GBS and get basic knowledge of the tool
  • Content
    • Master the core concepts involved
    • Learn to define the perimeter of the assessment
    • Have a good command of the data collection process
    • Install and run the GBS through a simple exercise
  • Duration: 1 day (7 hours)
  • Location: Paris city center
  • Price (indicative): €1600 per person VAT excl.
  • Dates in 2020: beginning of July and monthly sessions from September to December

GBS training level 2

  • Objective: being able to lead a GBS-based biodiversity footprint assessment for internal of commercial purposes
  • Content
    • In-depth walkthrough of the tool: input data, functioning, computation, results interpretation
    • Learn to master any biodiversity assessment with practical cases and applications
  • Duration: 2 days (14 hours)
  • Location: Paris city center
  • Price (indicative): €3500 per person VAT excl.
  • Pre-requisite: Having completed the GBS training level 1
  • Dates in 2020: monthly sessions from September to December
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