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Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Because you probably would like to taste traditional french cooking before booking culinary workshop !


You can choose between :

ð IN YOUR HOME : If you want to share a special moment with your friends : you invite friends , you choose the menu of the tasting !

ð IN MY KITCHEN IN SANTA BARBARA : If you want to share and meet some other greedy, you will be welcome in my kitchen and dining room in Santa Barbara for a tea time or for happy hour !


While tasting french pastry or bakery, you will have a presentation of “Bon Appétit” and I give you a catalog. For these first meeting, you will receive a special gift !

The expected duration is approximatively 2 hours.

Choose between french pastry or bread :

Les choux pâtissiers (choux pastry)

- Les choux salés : (salted declensions)

  • Brie + jambon cru + basilic (brie cheese + smoked ham + basil)
  • Foie gras + confiture de figues (Foie gras + figs marmelade)
  • Saumon fumé + fromage + ciboulette (smoked salmon + cheese + chive)

- Les choux sucrés : (sweet declensions)

  • Chouquettes (pastry puffs with large grains of sugar)
  • Choux à la crème (pastry puffs with cream)
  • Profiteroles (with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce)

Les cannelés (cannelés of Bordeaux)

- Les cannelés salés : (salted declensions)

  • Cannelés au chorizo (cannelés with chorizo)
  • Cannelés poireaux + lardons + ricotta (with lime + bacon + ricotta cheese)
  • Cannelés au fromage de chèvre et aux figues (with goat cheese and figs)

- Les cannelés sucrés : (sweet declensions)

  • Tradition (like in Bordeaux)
  • Noix de coco et pépite de chocolat (with coconut and chocolate nuggets)
  • Aux 2 citrons (with green and yellow lemons)

Les farz billig (breton pan cake)

- Les farz de blé noir : (with whole flour)

  • Nature base de toast (organic for toast)
  • Aux lardons et oignons caramélisés (with bacon and caramelized onions)
  • Aux pommes de terre (with potatoes)

- Les farz à la farine de froment (with white flour)

  • Nature ou beurre ou sirop d’érable (organic or butter or marple syrup)
  • Aux pommes caramélisées (with caramelized apples)
  • Glace rhum raisins et caramel au beurre salé (rum raisins ice cream et salted butter caramel

Les cakes : (cakes)

- Les cakes salés : (salted declensions)

  • Cake aux olives (olives cake)
  • Cake au pesto safrané (saffron pesto cake)
  • Cake au chorizo adouci par la mangue (with chorizo and mango)

- Les cakes sucrés : (sweet declensions)

  • Cake au citron (lemon cake)
  • Pain d’épices (gingerbread)
  • Cake marbré (marble cake)

Les terrines : (terrines)

- Les terrines salées : (salted terrines)

  • Terrine aux légumes et parmesan (vegetables and parmesan terrine)
  • Terrine au roquefort (Roquefort cheese terrine)
  • Terrine aux poireaux (leeks terrine)

- Les terrines sucrées : (sweet terrines)

  • Chocolat + crème de marrons + chamallow (chocolate + chestnut cream + marshmallow)
  • Blanc manger au coulis mangue passion (blancmange with mango sauce)
  • Aux spéculoos (spéculoos terrine)

Les gaufres : (waffles)

- Les gaufres salées : (salted waffles)

  • Les gaufres aux olives (olives waffles)
  • Les gaufres tartiflette (tartiflette waffles)
  • Les gaufres au saumon fumé (waffles with smoked salmon)

- Les gaufres sucrées : sweet waffles

  • Les gaufres sucrées (basic recipe)
  • Les gaufres roses aux framboises (pink waffles with raspberries)
  • Les gaufres très chocolat very chocolate waffles)

Les tartes : (pies)

- Les tartes salées : (salted pies)

  • Quiche Loraine (bacon pie)
  • Pissaladière (onions pie)
  • Flamiche (leeks pie)

- Les tartes sucrées : (sweet pies)

  • Tarte tatin (up side down apple pie)
  • Tarte au citron meringuée (lemon pie with french meringue)
  • Tarte aux fraises (strawberries pie)

Les pains français : (french bread)

- Pain aux céréales

- Pain au chorizo et au curcuma

- Pain à la cannelle

Tasted with french specialties :

- Caviar d’aubergine (eggplant caviar)

- Terrine au roquefort (Roquefort terrine)

- Tapenade d’olives (olive tapenade)


Rates for French Pastry and Bread tasting

at Bon Appétit’s Kitchen : $100.00/person

at your place : $200.00 / person for a group of 2 persons

$150.00 / person for a group of 3 to 5 persons

$100.00 / person for a group of 6 to 8 persons

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Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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