FEJA4 - Panel 9: Les femmes dans l'esport

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Panel 9: Les femmes dans l'esport

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Panel 9: Women in esports;

Panelists: Chantelle Chani Alexander, Choolwe, Queen Arrow

Moderator: Jennifer Lufau from Afrogameuse

Panel 9: Les femmes dans l'esport;

Panélistes: Chantelle Chani Alexander, Cholwe, Queen Arrow

Modérateur: Jennifer Lufau de Afrogameuses

It's no secret that the video game industry is still a hostile environment for women and minorities, both on the player and developer sides. If things are beginning to change, it is thanks in part to women like Jennifer Lufau and her organization Afrogameuses, which fights for diversity and inclusion in video games. As a gamer herself, Jennifer has intensive knowledge on how to better integrate black female gamers and professionals in the industry through the actions of Afrogameuses.





Chantelle "Chani" Alexander is a prominent gaming YouTuber and content creator in South Africa who expanded into esports hosting and commentary in 2018. She has commentated over many of the major and minor Call of Duty events in the country and hosted several of her own invitational series, sponsored by ASTRO Gaming. When not asking Twitter "what's for lunch", she can be found playing Warzone or streaming The Sims 4.

Choolwe Elen Shabukali is Co-founder of Team Gematrix, the first Esports Organization in Zambia.

The team was founded in 2018, with the vision of creating a platform for talent to grow and nurture their careers and compete with the very best around the world.

Gematrix has competed in tournaments locally and internationally in Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Ireland and North America and won dozens of tournaments and championships.

Personal Twitter - @cholweshabukali

Organisation Twitter - @TeamGematrix

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