FEJA4 - Panel 15: Comment lever des fonds de façon innovante

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FEJA 4 - Comment lever des fonds de façon innovante en utilisant le jeu vidéo?

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Panel 15: How to raise funds for a cause using video games;

Panelists: Julien Herbin, Jay Shapiro; Assia Sidibé, Carl Manlan

Moderator: Taniatou Okanla

Panel 15: Comment lever des fonds de façon innovante en utilisant le jeu vidéo?;

Panélistes: Julien Herbin, Jay Shapiro, Assia Sidibe, Carl Manlan

Modérateur:Taniatou Okanla

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Jay Shapiro is founder & CEO of Usiku Games, based in Nairobi, Kenya - A 20+ year veteran of building digital industries, Jay started BLUE, a global digital marketing agency in Singapore in 1999, as well as AppMakr the word’s largest mobile app publishing platform with over 3 million customers in 100+ countries. Jay is now on a mission to bring #GamingForGood to Africa.

Julien is the co-founder and CEO of Kayfo, the first game studio based in Dakar (Senegal). He has 13 years experience in the video game industry across Europe, Asia and North America, and has worked on games of all genres, from small web or mobile games to major AAAs for PC and consoles. With his new studio, Julien and his team are producing non-violent and inclusive games for smartphones and tablets.

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Taniatou Olafemiwa M. OKANLA is a communication strategist and has headed, for almost two (02) years, IDEE.O Consulting, a consulting firm that mainly supports its clients in brand strategy, institutional communication, internal communication and public relations.

Invested for more than 7 years in the digital sector, in Benin and in the sub-region, she initiated, in 2019, the "Benin Game Jam" concept, an event dedicated to the showcasing of African talents in video games design.

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