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1st Paris Breathwork Summit by EthosFlow feat. Dan Brulé & Breathe in Paris by Susan Oubari

Ethos Flow France

Samedi 12 octobre 2019 de 10:00 à 18:00 (heure : France)

1st Paris Breathwork Summit by EthosFlow feat. Dan...

Informations sur les billets

Type de billet Prix    
Billet Paris Breathwork Summit 12 octobre
Les ventes se sont achevées le Terminé
Tickets are non-refundable. In the event you experience illness or a family emergency, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a loved one, much like you might do if you had concert tickets that you could not use at the last minute.
à partir de 90,00 €
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150,00 € +0,00 € Frais de service
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Description de l'événement



EVENEMENT COMPLET LE SAMEDI 12 octobre, EVENEMENT SOLD OUT for saturday october 12th
DERNIERES PLACES pour l'atelier Ethosflow dimanche 13 octobre, FEW SEATS LEFT for Ethosflow workshop on sunday october 13th

Adresse inchangée pour le samedi 12 octobre à 10h : 100 avenue du Général Leclerc, 93500 PANTIN
Adresse pour le dimanche 13 octobre à 10h / séminaire Ethosflow : CHAPS 2 & 3 : 100 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 PARIS

Evènement animé en langue française, après midi en anglais avec traducteur.
Tarif 'early bird' à 90€ pour toute inscription avant le 22 septembre 2019, 150€ après cette date.
Possibilité d'étendre l'expérience avec une journée de séminaire avancé EthosFlow le dimanche 13 octobre (149€ pour les deux jours, 15 places maximum)

Introduction en français :

La journée de la respiration.
Rejoignez-nous pour ce jour entièrement consacré à l’art de la respiration.
Vous y apprendrez les outils essentiels pour améliorer votre présence, relâcher les tensions et gérer le stress. A la fin de cette journée, vous saurez être « confortable à l’intérieur de vous-même » grâce à la maitrise du souffle.

Avec Dan Brulé, le pionnier américain dans le travail de la respiration et du « Rebirthing ».

Avec Susan Oubari de 'Breathe in Paris' et Chris aka ZeMOdernMOnk, créateur de la méthode Ethosflow.

Details of the event in english :

Don’t miss this full day of Inspiration, Motivation & Breathing with World’s #1 Breathwork teacher, author, presenter, Dan Brulé, along with two special guest world class breathing experts : Chris aka ZeMOdernMOnk from Ethosflow and Susan Oubari from 'Breathe in Paris'.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle, eye mask, blanket (it gets cold during breathwork) and DON’T FORGET a yoga mat. You will be lying down on your back for many of the breathing exercises.
Some healthy snacks will be provided but feel free to bring your own light lunch.

You will learn essential skills to build self-awareness, relieve tension, and manage stress. Breath training encompasses a broad range of techniques that can help you tap into your breath as a means of creating major transformation and healing. When your energy is blocked, you’re blocked in life. You aren’t free. This day will allow you to find freedom from the inside out as you learn how to breathe consciously, with awareness, and with intent.

Who is this summit for?

• people of all walks of life

• anyone who is looking for personal transformation

• anyone who desires to let go of blockages in order to find freedom

• first-timers who have never tried Breathwork before

• breathing experts who want to deepen their breath training

Who is Dan Brulé, our special guest for this summit?

American pioneer in the field of breathwork and Rebirthing. Founder of the Spiritual Breathing Movement. Author of “Just Breathe” (Available in French). Mentor and breathing coach for celebrities such as Tony Robbins and Mark Divine.

No one understands the breath as Dan does. And no one can guide people on such a powerful and magical breathing experience as Dan does. With Dan we will experiment with the breath as a tool and key to free ourselves of traumas, limitations and fears. Freedom doesn’t exist without frame.You’ll learn how to use the breath to live your life more fully, with presence and adaptability while also releasing stress.

The power to choose will give you the freedom desired.

“The quality of our breath is the quality of our thoughts and actions.
The quality of our thoughts and actions is the quality of our emotions.

And the quality of our emotions it’s how we will experience life.”


Susan Oubari workshop

Opening up the day, Susan will guide you on a 75-minute journey into the depth of your being with the intention for you to let go of negative blockages (worries, stress, anxiety, fears…) and bring in joy, love and peace. The first part of the session will be gentle as we focus on identifying your blockages using Reiki and Meditation. During the second part, the energy will intensify as Susan teaches you how to use your breath to help surrender and to release any stuck energy during a Two-Stage Pranayama Breathwork session.

Mindfulness and breath training offer us the opportunity to learn how to listen to anxiety and to respond to it in a more skillful way. When we hear what our anxiety has to say, in a safe space with a calm mind, we can offer reassurance and release it.

How can we use our breath to heal? Susan’s mission with Breathe in Paris is to create a safe space for self-reflection, transformation and breath awareness. Using Reiki, Breathwork, Meditation and spiritual teachings in her classes and private practice, Susan’s helped people around the world tap into a greater sense of mindfulness while learning the art of letting go.

PART TWO / MORNING: ETHOS FLOW METHOD's founder Chris, aka Ze MOdern MOnk, and his team of coaches.
Chris Tai Melodista - Ze Modern Monk - workshop

One of the most important concepts in Ethos Flow is to feel at home inside yourself. And we know, the quality of your breathing directly relates to the quality of your life.

“SIMPLICITY” is our motto. We teach so you can easily bring these transformative practices into your daily life. You already have everything you need inside, and these practices allow you to simply connect with your natural state:

Discover the 6 breaths of awareness to ground yourself in the present moment.

Understand how to move your spine in the 6 directions. The mobility of your spine indicates the mobility of your mind.

Learn “Trace breathing” How to be in a Flow State in 5 minutes and be ready for the main event.

Our mission is to share powerful techniques in breathing, mindfulness, meditation and movement that you can easily implement in your daily life. We love to see you develop personal skill and independence on your path of inner knowledge and self development we know you don’t need to be in The Himalayas to experience this state of flow.


You can bring your own light lunch, we will provide a light meal included in the ticket price, so as to not fill you up too much before the main event with Dan Brulé. If you eat a lot before breathwork, the blood will have to go to the stomach for digestion and prevents you from dropping into these non-ordinary-states. We try to minimize drinking fluids to avoid needing to go to the bathroom during the session.

Dan Brulé - workshop

This will be a Masterclass in Breathwork.

We begin by understanding and applying the Formula for Transformation, the 2 Basic Components of Breathwork and the 3 Cornerstones in Breathwork.

We will practice the 2 Core Techniques, we will explore the 3 Breathing Spaces and we will play with the 3 Breathing Rhythms.

Then we’ll have a short break before the Session.

We begin with Preparation and setting an Intention for the Breathwork Session. Dan will draw you a quick map of the process, and then you’ll start. He likes to use music during the session. The atmosphere is one of freedom and safety, sacred but not serious. Our focus is on energy and aliveness, The journey is one of love, peace, and joy.

We will have time after the session for Integration, Q&A and Sharing

We will end with a Closing Group Circle

Followed by Book Signing

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Où et quand

100 avenue du Général Leclerc
studio bleu , salle 218
93500 Pantin

Samedi 12 octobre 2019 de 10:00 à 18:00 (heure : France)

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Ethos Flow France

L'association Ethos Flow France a pour mission de promouvoir les pratiques de de développement personnel et de bien être, et en particulier la méthode Ethos Flow qui regroupe respiration, méditation, mouvement et exposition au froid.

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