2nd Meeting on Stochasticity and Control in Adaptive Immune Repertoires

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Immuno-biology research is at a turning point. Novel experimental methods make possible imaging and molecular measurements in a high throughput fashion at the single cell and single molecule level. These methodologies are revolutionizing our picture of the nature of variability and control in biology in general and the immune system in particular. Novel theories are needed to catalyze our assimilation of these novel data. Building on our successful 2017 conference on Stochasticity and Control in Immune Repertoires at the Israeli Institute for Advanced Studies, we hope here to combine the latest cutting edge experimental and computational immunology results into a novel theoretical view on the complexity of immune function. The adaptive immune system provides a robust defense against infection with pathogenic microorganisms while controlling against autoimmune disorders. Yet, many individual components of this system are based on stochastic (i.e., random) processes. B cell immunoglobulin and T cell receptors, which provide a critical recognition system for pathogens and self-antigens, are constructed by stochastic recombination of multiple possible genes. At the cell population level, single cells often have varied transcriptional, signaling and cytokine secretion responses to the same stimulus. How these random and diverse actions at the molecular level translate into robust action at the system level remains in question and will be the focus of our meeting. Understanding the changes of immune cell populations and how they reflect immune function is a key missing component in our ability to design vaccines and effective personalized medicine. We therefore hope from this meeting to both elevate our understanding of the complexity underlying immune adaptation and to advance the borders of clinical practice.

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Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Scott Boyd, USA

Christian Busse, Germany

Benny Chain, UK

Andrew Collins, Australia

Rob de Boer, Netherlands

Sof Efroni, Israel

Anne Eugster, Germany

Jose Faro, Spain

Simon Fillatreau, France

Laura-Maria Florez, France

Nir Friedman, Israel

Suzanne Gaudet, USA

Luis Graça, Portugal

Victor Greiff, Norway

Uri Hershberg, USA

Tomer Hertz, Israel

Thomas Höfer, Germany

David Klatzmann, France

Steven Kleinstein, USA

Marie-Paule Lefranc, France

Yoram Louzoun, Israel

Eline Luning Prak, USA

Encarnita Mariotti Ferrandiz, France

Carmen Molina-Paris, UK

Djamel Nehar-Belaid, France

Armita Nourmohammad, Germany

Mats Ohlin, Sweden,

Michal Or-Guil, Germany

Andrea Pagnani, Italy

Mikhail Pogorelyy, Russia

Mikhail Shugay, Russia

Corey Watson, USA

Gur Yaari, Israel

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